Naturopathic consultations


If you decide to come for a naturopathic consultation this page tells you a little about where you will be going, who you will be seeing, and what to expect in your consultation.


About the Clinic:

Hamilton Natural Therapies Centre

Hamilton Natural Therapies Centre has been offering health solutions to the people of Newcastle and the Hunter Region since 2000. The clinic is very centrally located, half a block from Beaumont Street, Hamilton’s busy main street.  It is a five-minute walk from Hamilton Railway Station or from the bus-stop in Tudor Street.

I hope you find the clinic peaceful and inviting and that your time spent here is restorative, and motivating. If you have children with you there are toys and books available to keep them entertained.


Congratulations are due when you step through this gate! It means you are choosing to be proactive about your health. Welcome to a new you!


About the Practitioner:

Cath McCarthy – Medical Herbalist/Naturopath

Cath Photo 2

I have worked as a Medical Herbalist since 1995 and established Hamilton Natural Therapies Centre as my business in 2000.  I began my working life as a teacher but changed career after losing my husband to cancer in his mid-forties. My experiences back then confirmed for me the need for a holistic approach to maintaining health and wellness.

I retrained first getting my Advanced Diploma of Medical Herbalism and then my Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine). And over the twenty years I have been in practice I constantly upgrade my skills and knowledge base with continuing professional education through regular attendance at conferences and seminars.

Since beginning this career I have been very grateful to all of my clients over the years for sharing their stories with me. It has been a privilege. And one of the things it has taught me is that each one of us has our own unique story and that story has an impact on our biology and biochemistry.


Why Preventative Medicine?

We all lead busy lives. Sometimes we are so busy that we don’t have time to look after ourselves properly. We may go on like this until we come to an impasse where conventional medicine doesn’t seem to have the answers we need. That’s generally when you come to see me. As a health practitioner I see my role as helping you in a process of renewal which is also preventative in the long run. I support you to optimise your total health, to maintain or regain your vitality, and so enhance the overall quality of your life.

There is definitely a place for so-called conventional or orthodox medicine. In an emergency it should be our first port of call. However, there is also a need for preventative maintenance medicine. If we look after ourselves reasonably well most of the time, our need for emergency medicine will hopefully be minimised or delayed. My role is to support you to do that.

In contrast to conventional medicine, which has become increasingly focussed on specific areas of the body, the basic premise of natural medicine is that nothing in our bodies exists in isolation. We are a complex, integrated whole, with every body system impacting other body systems. To optimise your vitality naturopathic medicine addresses your health issues holistically. This may involve addressing any, or several, of the following areas – diet, digestive health, weight issues, immune status, hormonal balance, stress and energy levels, or cardiovascular health.

There are no “magic-bullet one-fix” cures. It’s a team effort and requires your commitment to making some judicious changes in a program of renewal. It is an investment in yourself that brings long-term benefits. Surely you deserve nothing less!


What to expect in a Naturopathic Consultation

Naturopathic appointments are generally an hour long. In your initial consultation I take a detailed history of your current symptoms, previous medical history and family history. I also look at what your iridology reveals, we may test for your blood type, and we discuss your usual diet. This is a big data-gathering consultation. It is helpful if you bring with you any recent pathology reports and a list of medicines that you are currently taking. We discuss strategies to improve your diet and lifestyle and may prescribe some herbal medicines and / or nutritional supplements.

I generally send you home with some questionnaires to fill out for our next consultation in which we often do some in-house testing. This may include Hemaview  or live blood analysis. (For more information see Finding Out More). Sometimes it may be warranted to send you for some pathology tests, eg. salivary hormone testing. Using all of this data we devise a program of treatment for you.

The length of treatment is variable depending on the circumstances. You may need to come in for a follow-up consultation in two, three or four weeks, depending on the program. Of course, as your health improves you will need less frequent consultations.

Ideally, once you are feeling better, you will periodically book in for some fine tuning, perhaps three times a year.



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