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Managing Weight is the Key to Avoiding Degenerative Ageing Diseases


Weight management has become one of the biggest health issues we face. For most of us this means we need to focus on weight loss. Blood sugar control and a healthy weight are essential to prevent diabetes (type 2), high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, infertility, and many of our degenerative ageing processes. Alzheimers is now known to be a form of diabetes of the brain.

Changes to our Western diet and lifestyle over the last forty years or so have meant that we are all, to varying degrees, on a continuum heading towards diabetes. It is crucial to ensure that we do not proceed too far down this pathway by responsibly managing our diet.

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There is no one-size-fits-all weight loss solution. I tailor weight loss programs to suit your individual metabolic needs. Often when we plateau with weight loss, we need to facilitate the process with some gut repair and liver detoxification, or to support the adrenals in reducing our stress response, or to regulate hormones. Successful and lasting weight loss comes in conjunction with such support.

Most importantly, the dietary changes we make should be sustainable over the longer term.

I personally have found that the 2:5 Diet to be very effective. Eating less on a couple of days  a week, where you eliminate grains, sugar and alcohol, is quite manageable and certainly does lead to a steady overall weight loss. For more information see www.thefastdiet.co.uk  It is especially effective when done in conjunction with a gut repair and detox program.

Another program patients have great success with is the Ultra-Lite Weight Management System. It is not a meal replacement system – you eat regular healthy food – so you learn how to maintain your new weight beyond the program. You are monitored with weekly individual consultations and clients consistently lose 8-10 kgs in 5 weeks. Many lose much more over longer periods. For more information see www.ultralite.com.au

However, there are other weight loss options that do not necessarily involve a rigorously strict diet. I like to think of them as food programs rather than diets. Often just undergoing a gut repair and liver detox program, eating less of the bad stuff and more of what is good for us, makes a huge difference. It’s all about optimising our capacity to absorb nutrients and to eliminate wastes. We have less bloating, fluid retention and cellulite and way more energy.

I regularly monitor your fat, muscle and fluid levels so we ensure that your diet and exercise program is appropriate to your needs and working well.

One thing I have found over years of helping clients manage their weight is that it is enormously easier if the client comes in for regular consultations. Just knowing that you have to turn up and be weighed and retested is incentive to stay on track.

And I must stress the importance of regular exercise. It helps to burn up fuel, maintain and develop muscle mass and produce feel-good endorphins that lift our mood and motivate us. Exercise does not have to mean flogging ourselves mercilessly in a gym. Simply walking in sunlight in the early morning, or doing gentler exercise like yoga, pilates or tai-chi, makes an enormous difference. Get some exercise buddies. If you commit to doing it with a friend you are more likely to stick to your routine.



I have only been coming here to see Cath for two weeks but already I feel 100% better. I have more energy and I have lost 2.5kgs and 20cms. I finally feel healthy and happy.


I have been coming to see Cath for about four months now, hoping to lose weight and recharge my batteries!  I have lost over 12kgs and dropped two dress sizes. I feel more energetic and alive. It’s done wonders for my self-esteem.


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