Healthy Ageing

Healthy ageing is a goal we all share. It could be said that every patient who comes for an appointment is embarking on an anti-ageing program! Many patients make their first appointment when they are feeling older than their years. A busy lifestyle, balancing the conflicting demands of work and family, and your own need for restorative time, can leave you feeling overwhelmed and depleted.

We have longer life expectancy but the quality of that life is not guaranteed. These days our main health threats are not contagious infections but chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s and cancer.¬†We are all on a continuum heading towards these lifestyle diseases of our era. We may even have genetic predispositions towards some of them.


Prevention is Better than Cure

However, it is within our power to alter our biochemistry, to optimise our cellular health, so that we don’t have to go the same way our grandparent did, and we can live a much richer, fuller life. A life-long program of preventative health care can help you live with vitality and purpose well into your later years; so you can enjoy your longevity for both its quality and quantity.


A More Youthful You in Just Three Months

To kick-start you on your program of renewal you can turn your health around very quickly with:

  • some easily managed weight-loss strategies
  • a gut repair and detox program to switch your metabolism into optimal efficiency
  • some nutritional support and herbal medicines to revitalise your adrenals and get your hormones humming as they should
  • and some regular gentle exercise


Ensuring your ongoing health requires sensible diet, exercise, emotional balance and taking a few supplements or remedies from time to time as preventative measures. Regular checkups (eg, every 3/4 months) can keep you focused on your long-term wellness goal, fine-tuned and vitalised.


The Age of Polypharmacy

Of course, many patients come in after they have begun addressing some of their health issues with pharmaceutical drugs. Three to five prescription drugs is not uncommon. We can safely marry both kinds of medicine, ensuring that we use nothing that may be contraindicated; for example, we never use any blood-thinning remedies with patients on Warfarin. I never advocate stopping your pharmaceuticals. However, it may be possible over time to reduce either the number needed or the dosage required.

So, if you are on pharmaceuticals to manage your diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, reflux, thyroid or depression, you can still improve your overall health and reduce your symptoms. The side-effects of pharmaceutical drugs can often be managed appropriately by natural medicines so that you can receive the benefit of the drug without the risk.

For me to prescribe the best treatment for you I need to know what pharmaceutical drugs you are taking. In the same way your prescribing doctor needs to be informed about any natural medicines you are taking. It needs to be a team effort.


 Merena M.
Merena M.

“I have found renewed health and vitality, thanks to Cath. Thank-you for a positive, friendly, caring and professional job.”


 Stewart P
Stewart P

My wife and I have been coming to see Cath for the last five years and have both been very happy with her help. My wife has Parkinson’s Disease and I am a Type 2 Diabetic. Cath’s care and ongoing advice has helped us both immensely to reduce our symptoms and improve our quality of life.”


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