Preconception Care

Preconception care and fertility improvement is one of the most rewarding areas of my practice. Many of my fertility patients over the years have had beautiful healthy babies!

When you want to produce a beautiful healthy baby it’s helpful to think of your body as a garden. You need to tend the soil; eliminate the weeds; ensure that all the right nutrients are there; keep it hydrated; and ideally basking in emotional warmth.

However, the racy pace of life these days sometimes makes it feel very difficult to get all this right. Many young women experience gynaecological problems that may make them feel defeated before they even begin trying to conceive. PMT, painful periods, irregular cycles, polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis and fibroids can all be treated.

Diet and lifestyle play a huge role in the balancing of our hormones. It’s important to get the diet right – whole foods, good quality protein, less sugar, caffeine and alcohol, more vegies, more water. Blood sugar levels impact the type of oestrogen we synthesise. When we have consistently elevated blood sugar we tend to produce the more lumpy, gunky oestrogen that creates blockages and infertility.

And too much stress creates an imbalance between reproductive and adrenal hormones. For the last forty years we women have been told that “we can have it all” but often there is a little proviso in that we can’t have it all at once! Often we juggle too many balls at once trying to be perfect in all areas of our life. Slowing down, prioritising what’s really important for your wellbeing and fulfilment – often this is the key to improving fertility. Salivary hormone testing can be helpful to determine whether you are ovulating and which hormonal pathways are needing more support. The results will clearly show you if you are too much in “fight and flight” mode.

Apart from encouraging a healthier diet and more time for relaxation, we support the body to restore a healthier hormonal balance with specific herbal medicines and nutritional supplements.


Supporting IVF

Using natural therapies, rather than heavy pharmaceutical drugs and IVF, is definitely the best place to start when you are planning a family. However, often my fertility patients have come after they have been trying unsuccessfully to conceive and have tried IVF in the meantime. It is still beneficial to work in conjunction with IVF to enhance fertility.

Some clients, after they have come off IVF programs, fall pregnant naturally because their overall health is improving. They are sometimes planning their next round of IVF but find that it is not necessary.

With fertility patients sometimes it can take up to three months of treatment to re-establish regular, healthy menstrual cycles, during which time whole body spring-cleaning is called for: gut repair, liver detox, and support for healthy adrenals and immunity.


Treating Both Parents

Good preconception care simply aims for optimum general and reproductive health for both partners to ensure viable fertility, the health of the ovum and sperm, and a nurturing environment within the uterus.

The preconception period is a minimum of four months as it takes this long for the development and maturation of healthy ova and sperm. It is preferable to treat the father as well as the mother to ensure squeaky clean genetic material for the baby. The quality of the genetic material contributed by both parents dictates the genetic health of the child for the rest of their life.

Good preconception care is the ultimate preventative medicine!


 Rebecca T.
Rebecca T.

After a year of no luck with ovulating and menstruating on my own I came to visit Cath. I began seeing her five months ago. With her understanding and a few herbal tablets and potions, she got my body back on track. I thank her so much as I am now 6 weeks pregnant.

 Natasa T.
Natasa T.

 Cath’s kindness, honesty and empathy are well matched with the expertise in her field of practice, as well as an obvious passion for the work she does. She helped me to make a major shift in the way I was approaching my health and wellbeing, which led to a better balance in my life as a whole. As a result I became pregnant after years of trying, and am now blessed with a beautiful daughter. I am forever grateful and highly recommend Cath’s treatments.

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