Vitamin-D: the all-rounder.

These days there is renewed focus on Vitamin D and doctors requesting pathology tests for their patients routinely check for Vitamin D levels. After years of covering up in the sun, we are now being told we need more exposure, because Vitamin D is synthesised by the action of sunlight on skin. Yet despite our wonderful sunny climate over 70% of adult Australians suffer from inadequate levels of Vitamin D. Most at risk are those who don’t spend enough time outdoors – older, housebound people, darker-skinned people, those who cover up with clothing, work indoors or regularly avoid sun exposure.


Why we need Vitamin D

Getting enough Vitamin D is important because it is a bit of an all-rounder:

  • It helps build bone strength, preventing osteoporosis;
  • It maintains muscle strength and definition and can reduce fractures in the elderly;
  • It boosts your immunity reducing the frequency of colds and flus so you have more resilience;
  • It reduces the risk of cancers, cardiovascular disease and diabetes;
  • It has beneficial effects on hormone synthesis and reproductive health;
  • It enhances mood – helping you feel good – so really helps in the treatment of depression.

So there is hardly a time of life when Vitamin D is not important to us.


How to achieve optimal Vitamin D levels

  • Aim for 6-7 minutes of sun exposure mid-morning or mid-afternoon during warmer months, and 7-40 minutes at noon during winter.
  • Arms and shoulders should be visible and without sunscreen.
  • Be wary of unprotected sun exposure for longer periods than this especially between 11am and 3pm when UV radiation levels are highest.


A sunny day on Bar and Merewether Beaches promotes Vitamin D synthesis.

Catching some Vitamin D on Bar Beach


However, catching a little sun, as seen here on Bar Beach, Newcastle, isn’t always possible. Therefore it sometimes helps to supplement our naturally synthesised vitamin D.

Being a fat-soluble vitamin, Vitamin D is prone to oxidisation and deterioration, so it is important to use a high quality Vitamin D with proven stability.

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