Boosting your Children’s Immunity

It’s that back -to-school time

Here in Newcastle Term 2 is just starting back. Little ones (and even bigger ones!) may be feeling a little reluctant to go back to that big arena of school. With the change of seasons and cooler weather coming this is often a time for lots of colds and flus, with kids feeling run down and lacking in energy. Classrooms full of little bodies can be health hazards! How can you boost your children’s immunity so that they stay on top of things and don’t need to miss time at school?


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A healthy diet : a healthy immune system


Tips to boost your children’s immunity

To ensure your children avoid all the bugs going around and stay resilient and full of beans, consider the following:

  • Probiotics (good gut bugs) will help ensure a healthy digestive and immune system. Remember it all starts in the gut!
  • A good diet with lots of fruit and vegies, healthy protein, and minimal sugars will help them thrive.
  • An immune-boosting herbal formula, (Echinacea and Andrographis may be included) plus Vitamin C and Zinc will also help boost their immune system.
  • There are many Echinacea-based products on the market of varying efficacy. You know an Echinacea product is really high quality if you get a slight tingling sensation on your tongue when you take it.


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