Cath McCarthy, Newcastle naturopath & herbalist, has been providing natural medicine solutions for weight loss, fertility, fatigue, hormonal, digestive and immune issues to the people of Newcastle and the Hunter region since 1995. Whatever health issues are concerning you, your energy, sense of well-being, and sense of control, can be enormously improved with appropriate natural medicines and nutrition.

Get healthier naturally! Lose weight and gain vitality!

Improve fertility and have a baby! Breeze through menopause!

Sleep like a baby!

Strengthen your immune system.

Reduce inflammation for a lighter step and a lighter mood.

Resolve constipation, diarrhoea and heartburn.

Regulate erratic, painful periods.

Reduce aches and pains. Say goodbye to constant tiredness.

Solve chronic digestive, hormonal and immunity issues –

without pharmaceutical drugs!


Quality care for quality life

Weight loss solutions Newcastle
Weight Loss

You’ve tried all the “diets”, exercised like a demon, and eat like a bird, but you still can’t shift that stubborn weight. And you feel tired all the time. The magic ingredient is to support your body to become more efficient at metabolizing and eliminating. Just a three-month program, tailored to suit your body’s individual needs, can take kilos off your weight, centimetres off your waist, and years off your biological age. You can put a spring back in your step, restore your vitality, and enhance your self-esteem. And, more importantly, learn how to maintain this.

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We understand that our houses or cars need restoration and repair sometimes. It is just as important to take care of our bodies. Undertaking a detox program means that you spring clean your body by improving its capacity to detoxify. The most fundamental place to start is in the gut. You do not have to become a hermit or a saint! But the more you avoid certain foods that may be a problem for your body the better. Reducing your body’s toxic load is one of the most effective things you can do to avoid the development of chronic disease.

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Did you know that it takes four months for the development of healthy ova and sperm? So, if you and your partner are thinking about having a baby in the near future, it is a very wise investment to look after your health for at least four months before conceiving. Quality Pre-Conception Care guarantees that your baby gets the best genetic material possible. Your little one deserves the right raw material for his/her start in life. And remember that 50% of that genetic blueprint comes from Dad. For ova that sparkle and sperm that zing.

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home-pageicon-livebloodGetting Back on Track

When you have an acute problem you go to your doctor. However, to avoid acute problems you need good maintenance medicine. Naturopathic health care helps you stay healthier longer and avoid the necessity for emergency medicine. And the changes you may need to make to your diet and lifestyle don’t have to be radical. Being the best that you can be has benefits not just for yourself but for everyone in your life, and ultimately it is a public service!! There’s no time like the present to begin your renewal process!

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What clients say

 Ruth P.
Ruth P.

Around 2008/2009 I was diagnosed with a few health issues. I chose to take a holistic approach in managing these issues which is why I started seeing Cath, and I have been seeing her regularly ever since. Her knowledge base is excellent and her calm, nurturing manner is a pleasure to deal with. I saw results quickly, which is why Cath is still, and always will be, a part of my healthcare management team. I highly recommend a visit!

 Natasa T.
Natasa T.

 Cath’s kindness, honesty and empathy are well matched with the expertise in her field of practice, as well as an obvious passion for the work she does. She helped me to make a major shift in the way I was approaching my health and wellbeing, which led to a better balance in my life as a whole. As a result I became pregnant after years of trying, and am now blessed with a beautiful daughter. I am forever grateful and highly recommend Cath’s treatments.

 Libby L.
Libby L.

 I can’t thank Cath enough for her support and professionalism. I felt utterly dreadful when I walked through her door ten weeks ago. But now I feel like a new woman! I would highly recommend her to any pending client.

 Jackie S.
Jackie S.

I have been coming to see Cath for about four months now, hoping to lose weight and recharge my batteries! I have lost over 12kgs and dropped two dress sizes. I feel more energetic and alive. It’s done wonders for my self-esteem.

Quality care for quality of life

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